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Venture Trucks 92V-Lights (2pc)

Venture Trucks 92V-Lights (2pc)


Venture Trucks 92 V-Light Yellow/Polish High Skateboard Truck – 5.25”

Venture 92 V-Light Yellow/Polish High Skateboard Truck Features:

92 Truck
V-Light Construction
5.25” Wide Hanger
Hollow Kingpin
Colour – Yellow/Polish
Sold As A Pair


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On June 20, 2011, a press release announced the distribution of the Venture skateboard truck brand by Deluxe, following a transition from the now-defunct Streetcorner Distribution company. Venture trucks are manufactured in the United States (US) and sponsors a team of professional skateboarders. In November 2012, Plan B rider Felipe Gustavo was added to the Venture team and the company produced a truck dedicated to Gustavo's father, a longtime supporter of his son's skateboarding.[59] Blind Skateboards' professional skateboarder, Kevin Romar, released a signature model truck, entitled the "Cypress V-Light", in January 2013 and an accompanying promotional video was also published, in which Romar performs a series of switch-stance (opposite to his natural stance on a skateboard) tricks.
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